Staging Portfolio Secrets: Learn How to Create a Powerful Home Staging Portfolio to Showcase Your Talents and Get Clients to Hire You OR Secrets to Getting Prospects to Instantly Trust You


IS YOUR HOME STAGING PORTFOLIO WEAK AND BORING? DO YOU WANT TO MAKE A STRONG IMPACT ON PROSPECTS? Ask yourself this: Why do some people almost always make money in home staging while others struggle? Do your efforts to promote your services “implode” during the presentation? Are you always losing out to your competitors? At last help for struggling home stagers has arrived.

Staging is a visual business, so it behooves consultants to develop a strong portfolio that speaks favorably about their talent, their knowledge, their expertise, their background and their uniqueness. This is no easy task. Staging Portfolio Secrets helps readers pull out their strengths, gather powerful statistics about themselves, pull together distinctive photos to highlight their talents and display critical information to impress the most discerning prospects. Don’t let your portfolio destroy your confidence and opportunities for success. Learn the secrets the most successful consultants don’t want you to know.

Make every prospect believe in you and trust you immediately. Watch your business grow and your referrals explode. Now you can take your home staging and redesign business to much higher, bigger, better, more profitable yields or results by creating the professional credentials and visuals so vital to attracting new clients.

Best selling author and trainer, Barbara Jennings, of the Academy of Staging and Redesign (hosted at Decorate-Redecorate.Com) reveals it all. To build a large clientele takes a thought provoking, visual presentation so that potential clients can see and understand the many talents and services the consultant offers. Great presentations do the work for you but only if they incorporate the right types of information and highlight your personal strengths and attributes.

Staging Portfolio Secrets identifies, addresses and explains the following topics:

  • Secrets to building a six figure home staging and redesign business;
  • Discovering your accomplishments and defining them with power;
  • New ways of thinking in the 21st century;
  • Keys to success and door bangers that lead to failure;
  • Pulling together your strengths in compelling ways;
  • Pulling together your biographical information in succinct ways;
  • Writing copy that sells your talents so you don't have to;
  • The all important referral letter - how to write it and how to use it;
  • Getting past the gatekeeper and to the top real estate agents, home owners and executives;
  • Preparing for the interviews and how to present yourself boldly;
  • The referral interview that leads to new clients;
  • Dress codes for interviews - what works and what to avoid;
  • Interpreting face language so you can adapt to others instantly;
  • Tips for photos and more;
  • How to shoot the best, most effective photos;
  • Using humor in your presentations;
  • Getting testimonials and Letters of Reference;
  • Using success stories effectively;
  • How to use your portfolio effectively and efficiently;
  • Presentation cases;
  • Layout and design ideas;
  • Using the web to promote your portfolio;
  • 16 useful forms for consultations and testimonials;
  • Bonuses and Concluding Remarks

By understanding and following the concepts and precepts outlined in this guide, readers will be empowered to create brilliant presentations second to none that highlight and showcase their talents, knowledge and experience. In an ever increasingly competitive world, this guide will help readers hone in on talents and expertise they don't even know they have so that regardless of their experience, they will be able to impress anyone who sees their portfolio.

As always, the author's writing style is personable and conversational and the perfect complement to other training she has offered to home stagers, giving them every upside advantage in the marketplace.

Staging Portfolio Secrets Guide