Staging Luxurious Homes: Building a Business in the Upscale, Luxury Market OR How to Build a Seven Figure Income Staging for Wealthy Homeowners


ENJOY THE HIGH PROFITS AND THRILL OF STAGING LUXURIOUS HOMES! Maximize your earnings. Garner clients who own multiple homes. Work for a higher hourly fee. Let's face it. It takes just about as much time to work on a middle class or lower class home as it does to work on a high end home or mansion - and the chances of being paid a lot more are greatly enhanced. So why is it that most home stagers avoid soliciting the weathier sellers in their area? Could it be they don't feel worthy or confident? Now readers can get the secrets to profiting from the rich and famous in their community - the people who can truly afford their services. Peer into the benefits and strategies of building a clientele and specializing on high end homes. The pictures for one's portfolio will enhance credibility. Budgets will be higher and the quality of furnishings second to none. Designing a business for wealthy clients is one way to set your business apart from the competition. This guide shows readers how to transition their business to reach the prestigious homeowners and network with ease and confidence among the leaders and pillars of their community.


Top home staging and interior redesign expert, Barbara Jennings, teaches you the best and most efficient ways to locate and attract a luxurious homeowner as a client. Readers will learn how to network with wealthy, highly successful homeowners and professionals and how to profit in upscale communities. Anyone can specialize in the affluent market with the proper training. Profits are dramatically higher for the same time and effort. Learn how to assist the top real estate agents and their wealthier clients by using design and organizational skills geared to promote faster home sales for higher prices.


Topics included in the book are:

  • Identifying who they are
  • Knowing how they think and feel
  • Learning how to locate them - they aren't who you think they are
  • Networking with wealthy people
  • Knowing when to contact them
  • Knowing how to contact them
  • Attracting them to your services
  • Selling them on your services and expertise
  • Pricing so you are successful
  • Serving their needs completely
  • Avoiding the Pseudo-Wealthy
  • Becoming affluent yourself
  • The path to high profits in your business


Bonus section
Written in a no-nonsense, conversational style, Staging Luxurious Homes is NOT a coffee table book filled with pictures of wealthy homes. Rather it teaches readers (who want a thriving home staging or interior re-design business) how to market specifically to upscale clients who can easily afford their services and who tend to associate with other upscale homeowners. This detailed, straight-talking guide is the 4th in a series by Jennings who writes extensively for the home staging industry.

The author, who has trained thousands of stagers and redesigners through her home study books and dual certification courses, is director of the Academy of Staging and Redesign. She has nearly 4 decades of experience in interior design, home staging, redesign, marketing and promotion of a business, and has successfully built 4 home based businesses in the design field in her distinguished career. Jennings has authored 13 books and 6 electronic books. She also developed the highly respected Certified Staging Specialist Designation (CSS) and hosts one of the largest online directories for stagers and redesigners on the internet. Jennings continues to actively develop and pioneer innovative, affordable visual aids, promotional tools, slideshows and CDs for students.

Staging Luxurious Homes Guide