The Lady in Red is a beautiful artistic masterpiece art vase by artist Barbara Jennings that will truly be a conversation starter. It measures 8" Diameter, 12" Height - Plant arrangement not included.


Glass Vase with Mixed Media Motif applications on all sides. Vase takes up to 2 months to go through our artistic process. It is an original one-of-the-kind creation. Colors include red, silver, black, peach and neutrals.

Lady in Red, Renaissance Style

Size: 8" diameter
  • This vase has a glass interior. It is capable of holding water and fresh flowers on the interior, however the vase must never be place in a dishwasher or submerged in water or any liquid. The exterior artistic elements are not waterproof.

    Lift the vase by the bottom and sides and not by the top alone. It is somewhat fragile (glass) and could crack if not handled properly.