There's another business waiting to purchase art - but they're too smart to buy your mistakes. You owe it to yourself to get the right training for this profitable, creative career.

Become a lucrative corporate art consultant, specializing in designing beautiful decorative art programs for businesses. Select the artwork and custom framing treatments for the selections most appropriate for each business you design. Work as a professional consultant in major corporations or small businesses. It's creative and excellent income. Available as ebook (study on computer). If you want a manual, you must purchase it from us.

Here's What You Will Get

  • 7 benefits you can expect to derive
  • How to develop an entrepreneurial mindset
  • How to prepare yourself
  • What kinds of things you need to know
  • How to create a professional image
  • Standard ethics for consultants (and all businesses)
  • How to find the clients you want to have
  • How to position yourself in the marketplace
  • 11 tips on servicing designers, architects and the "trade"
  • Why you don't need to own an art gallery or frame shop
  • Why and when businesses buy art
  • How to know who is a genuine prospect
  • How to get with the decision maker
  • How to organize your consulting business
  • How to create satisfied clients
  • 19 ways to generate prospects and clients
  • The best way to contact a prospect
  • Sample letters that will open the door for you
  • 18 common questions they might ask
  • How to handle your first appointment
  • How to make the best first impression
  • Tool of the trade you will need to have
  • 24 questions to ask a prospect
  • 5 ways to qualify a prospect
  • 6 questions to ask of yourself
  • How to conduct a walk thru
  • How to do a formal presentation
  • Closing techniques that work
  • Getting a budget, a blueprint, samples and a deposit
  • How to access the facility
  • The top ten mistakes most companies make regarding art and how to avoid them
  • How to design a decorative art proposal that from A-Z
  • The top ten decorative art publishing companies and how to contact them
  • How to acquire the images, design them, and have them custom framed
  • How to deliver the art and install it
  • The secret art of hanging art professionally
  • Dealing with budgets and contracts
  • How to present the art proposal
  • Ideas for creating your own forms
  • How to order from publishers and galleries
  • The top 8 decorative art publishers
  • How to measure art and specify framing
  • Follow-up services and offers
  • Establishing the value of you in the equation
  • How to budget for your own expenses
  • The importance of a guarantee
  • Subcontracting, trade discounts, terms and billing
  • How to set up and effectively manage your business
  • The importance of advertising and public relations
  • Fourteen tips on creating a strong press release
  • Thirty two ways to create news about your business, products and services
  • How to optimize your website to increase traffic
  • Three of the top successful strategies you should know
  • The difference between tactics and strategies
  • How to become a strategic force in the business
  • Eighteen questions you should ask yourself if you want to become a winner
  • And so much more, I can't list it here, honestly

Not compatible with Mac computers. Please purchase manual version if you have a Mac.

Pro Art Consulting eBook (Business)

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