Captured by the mysterious smile, this gorgeous Renaissance inspired masterpiece art vase is thoughtful, quiet and reflective. What makes it really unique (and that the artist hopes will never be repeated), is the main motif, which was applied upside down by accident. So when enjoying the vase without a floral arrangement, it must be displayed upside down.


The back is covered with beautiful butterflies set against a pale blue vintage backdrop. When the vase is not being used, the butterflies will head downward, but when the vase displays flowers, the butterflies head for the sky.


Normally this type of mistake by the artist would make this gorgeous art vase unfit to sell, but the artist decided to make it available anyway, because in the art world (like with rare coins), mistakes make the piece far more valuable that it would be otherwise. So if you relish owning a faux pas that is even more rare, this is the vase for you. It measures 4" in diameter and 8" tall. Any plant or floral arrangement is not included.

Not the Mona Lisa

SKU: V10