Furniture and accessory placement design has always been a neglected topic, even in design schools, which accounts partly for why there is such a need for professionals in this growing cottage industry. The overwhelming need for this type of service is everywhere as consumers struggle with making their homes functional and attractive. Re-Design is the perfect marriage between professional design consultant and homeowner, not just in today's economic climate, but in any economy.


Starting an interior re-design business is not as difficult as it may seem. The simplicity of the service and the ability to get a business launched quickly and easily is very attractive and virtually risk free. With this manual, anyone can learn virtually everything they need from the West Coast pioneer in redesign concepts without attending an expensive seminar.


NOTABLE: An access link to a 32-page PDF of full color before and after images from the book, as well as bonus images, is also included (Book's images are b/w).


Readers can learn from home how to start, grow and sustain a highly profitable Interior Re-Design Business. They can learn how rearranging the furniture and accessories clients already own can earn them attractive income while fulfilling their creative urges and desires to help people. This type of business is sometimes called one-day decorating because transformations are usually accomplished in a day or less. Consultants are paid immediately at the conclusion of the day (or half day). No degree or certification is required. No prior experience is necessary. Consultants work by appointment on a full or part-time basis with flexible hours.


In this manual readers will easily learn:

  • the techniques and marketing strategies top consultants use to generate profits, free publicity and referral
  • how to conduct consultations from beginning to end
  • how to get good before and after photos for a portfolio
  • the questions to ask homeowners for a successful outcome
  • how to give a one-day (or half-day) redesign service or consultation
  • how to price one's service and get paid on the spot
  • business set-up and management procedures
  • effective marketing and promotional strategies
  • before and after photo examples and descriptions
  • the most common furniture arrangement configurations consultant's use over and over again
  • a bonus chapter on how to hang art and wall groupings
  • access to additional resources for related services or supplemental training on related topics


This is NOT a high end design book nor a full color coffee table book. It is a business development book strategically written for those who want to start or improve a small business of their own in the re-design industry. The author is the West Coast pioneer in redesign concepts (since 1986) and Director of The Academy of Staging and Redesign hosted at Decorate-Redecorate.Com.


Content is based on the author's 40+ years in redesign, decorating, home staging, corporate and residential art consulting and home based business development. Written in a conversational style, this guide has been widely praised as an influential and beneficial component for re-design start-ups and experienced professionals everywhere.

Interior Redesign Basic Training Book