TOUGH TIMES MAY CALL FOR INGENIOUS TACTICS! As consumers tighten their budgets, the cashless methods to grow a business become even more effective. Author, Barbara Jennings, has covered basic staging strategies, portfolio creation ideas, luxury home specialization, and ways to secure getting paid for staging projects in her other popular books. Now she tackles the subject of developing a business in difficult times and provides a comprehensive guide to lesser utilized strategies overlooked by many when the economy is strong. Jennings (Director of the Academy of Staging and Redesign of Decorate-Redecorate.Com), brings together some of the most unusual marketing strategies in the home staging industry ever put in print, teaching readers how to think and operate "outside the box" and meet the challenges of the times with passion, purpose and creativity.

Readers will be introduced to practical tips, ideas and concepts not covered in her other books, with some emphasis on general all-purpose tactics. Jennings doesn't just give theory, but she makes the more difficult and all-important applications for readers, filling her pages with a multitude of examples, forms, sample letters, sample promotional articles, encouragement, creativity and more. Her easy going conversational style is as personable as always and makes for a very pleasant read.

Learn how to ratchet up your profits from your home staging business, generate more clients in new and unusual ways that work especially well in down markets and keep your business prospering no matter what circumstances currently surround you. Get all you can get out of your business opportunity. Add the type of tactics that work best in tough times. Leave no stone unturned. Leave nothing to chance. Opportunities are everywhere - literally everywhere - for those really dedicated to achieving success.

  • Chapter One deals with changing your mindset from what has worked in the past to what needs to work for you in the present and future.
  • Chapter Two focuses on some more cutting edge tactics for promoting and marketing your business. It's approach is different than what the author teaches in her basic training. Readers will discover some more indepth strategies that they may not have thought of before and see how they can apply them in a down market - a market in which the ideas thrive even better than in an up market.
  • Chapter Three will discuss how one can orchestra projects and deals in a cashless manner so it doesn't even matter if no one has any cash. Learn about this type of business dealing and see it adapted within the industry. Challenging stuff.
  • Chapter Four delves deeper into the cashless and creative thought process, tactics, strategies and mindset that can propel a business to new heights in all sorts of ways - way beyond the norm. Readers will discover how to unleash their own business and expand and repeat these same ideas in a multitude of ways.
  • Chapter Five is the most practical section because it's filled with form after form after form that will help pull all this together into the kind of cohesive unit that will serve as the base for all the ideas, tactics and strategies. Even if readers have taken a lot of seminars and read a lot of books already, the practical applications and detailed forms are a trademarked style of Jennings' books and always separate her from other authors in the most beneficial of ways.
  • The concluding chapters tie all the parts together into a compilation of innovative thinking never before published in the industry.

Anyone serious about their home staging and redesign business should consider this a "must read" acquisition - particularly if they are struggling. But readers are reminded that there are no magic formulas to success and each person must develop their own unique path.

Home Staging in Tough Times