Many stagers unwittingly set themselves up for failure when it is so easy to avoid. If you've ever lost money on a project or you're afraid you might one day, this guide is for you. This frank and focused training points out the problems before you make them so you can avoid them.


Bestselling home staging author, Barbara Jennings, provides another excellent guide filled with insider secrets to generating and protecting your profits in your home staging business. There are times when clients look to escape paying for the services they have already received and home stagers need to be prudent and savvy to avoid such predicaments.


This guide teaches concrete, specific steps to take before, during and after a project to make sure the proper documents and paper trails have been initiated to insure full payment once projects are completed. While no one wants to have to sue a client, this sometimes becomes necessary and readers will learn specific steps to take in advance to ward off the need for court, but at the same time protect their interests should legal recourse become necessary.


The topics are wide and varied, such as: How to get what you want, how to know what you're worth, how to avoid working with difficult people, how to avoid assumptions, the three kinds of positioning, how to focus on the right topics, how to utilize the right paperwork and pass the flinch test, how to turn negatives into positives, how to manage small claims and close your deals, ethics of the successful, how to land the profitable projects, surviving in hard economic times and so much more. It also includes 53 enhancement techniques and tactics fully illustrated for a complete guide that's sure to help any reader gain complete peace of mind and confidence as they accept projects to manage in their home staging business.

Getting Paid for Home Staging