Never before has there been a way to effectively study the before and after pictures of home stagers, re-designers or students to sharpen one's knowledge and skills. Now bestselling author and expert, Barbara Jennings, shows you 101 cases in random order of actual projects from her students and her own files. These studies include the before and after pictures, including the descriptions of the room's problems, discussion of what was done to improve the situation, and the author's critiques of the final outcome.

PLEASE NOTE: Pictures in the book are black and white, however a full color downloadable PDF link is provided so that readers can access all of the photos in color to compare with the book.

Readers are not expected to agree with all the decisions the consultants made, nor even the author’s critiques. The purpose of the training is instead to help readers make their own evaluations and determine how they would have handled a similar situation. Since evaluating actual on-site photos is a fantastic way to learn, this book is a treasure trove of practical help and informative critiques. It is ideal for consumers as well as practicing consultants or new students.

After more than a decade teaching staging and redesign to tens of thousands, Jennings notes there are certain aspects of arrangement techniques that continue to be confusing or ignored by professionals and consumers alike. The best way to see the mistakes and learn to recognize the good from the “not so good” is to study assorted projects. Anyone looking to learn arrangement techniques from photos will appreciate the premise of this book. It is one of the more practical books for professionals and consumers alike.

Do's and Don'ts in Home Staging and Redesign