Planning a career? Want it all at once for both businesses in an 
exclusive program? Want a fast track to excellence like no other 
on the planet? This package is for those special few 
entreprenurial types that are looking for complete training, 
promotional and branding materials and a top notch website.


They are sharp, articulate, committed and have already attained a 
level of professionalism and are looking to build a full time 
career at the highest level - including building a clientele in 
the upscale market where affordability isn't a problem. They're in a hurry and love to be pampered with VIP treatment. 
They're willing to spend what it takes to take the elevator to the 
top for both businesses because they understand what it takes to 
succeed at the highest level. They know their future is worth the 
investment and their smart enough to recognize the absolute best 
offer they will ever find.


They know who they are and they know what they want and they don't 
want to waste time - time is money. They know they're worth every 
penny they invest in their future.


Streamline your training with our Diamond Ruby Combo Course. 
Includes the following:


  • Decor Secrets Revealed Ebook
  • Party Decorating and Networking Ebook
  • Flower Arranging Ebook


  • Home Staging for Profit Manual with forms
  • Home Staging in Tough Times Manual
  • Staging Luxurious Homes Manual
  • Staging Portfolio Secrets Manual
  • Getting Paid: Financial Strategies for Stagers Manual
  • Rearrange It Manual with Forms
  • Advanced Redesign Manual
  • Do's and Don'ts in Home Staging and Redesign Manual
  • Wall Groupings: Secrets of Arranging Art and Photos Manual
  • Home Staging for Yourself Checklist Guide Manual


  • Lifetime Membership (no renewal fees)
  • 2 Downloadable Musical Slideshows (Staging and Redesign)
  • 2 Downloadable Powerpoint Shows with Scripts (bonus item)
  • 50 Staging 4x6 Postcards
  • 50 Redesign 4x6 Postcards
  • Set of Sliders for Moving Furniture on Carpet and Hard Floors
  • The Secret Art of Hanging Art (back of Rearrange It manual)


  • Guaranteed Double Certification (CRS/CSS)
  • Lifetime Listing in Two Fastest Growing Nationally Recognized, Highly Traffic'd Directories
  • Access to Special Discounts from Vendors
  • Lifetime Membership to Diamond Members Only Site with no recurring annual, quarterly or monthly fees
  • How to Hire Vendors Report
  • 398 Handpicked Promotional Options
  • 5 Advanced Strategic Marketing Tactics
  • Down Market Marketing Tactics and Strategies
  • 600 Business Letter Templates
  • Inclusion in Diamond Website, access to trade discounts,  legal contacts, tricks for portfolio pictures and branding your image.


Business listings in directories include your city, name, phone 
number and email address used at time of purchase unless you 
notify us differently. Your listing will be on the State page of the 
directory. If you do not wish personal information in 
the directory, please notify us immediately.


Start training immediately with ebooks while you wait for the rest of your materials and tools to arrive (2-3 boxes). 


NOTE: Some items shown in photo may have been discontinued. For a current list beyond those listed above, write to:


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Diamond Ruby Course

  • Please read the description (below image, left) first.



    We do not have a payment plan as students can create their own plan by choosing how to pay back their credit card, whether in part or in full. Unfortunately we do not have scholarships nor grants. We are a private, independent company, not government controlled. We pride ourselves on our independence and thoroughness.



    There are no accreditations for home staging and re-design. Anyone who claims to offer such is "approval" by their own stealth secondary "association" or as purchased approval from a third party "association". Those are pay to play schemes. There are no state or federal guidelines, restrictions or sanctions in this industry. It is unregulated. Be wary of anyone claiming otherwise.


    The Diamond course offers you the to ability to go through our double certification process (staging and redesign), which involves actually taking an exam and submitting a portfolio of their projects for review and approval. To my knowledge, we are the only company who demands accountability of any sort. 



    All of the training has been written by Barbara Jennings, who has over 45 years of experience in the design industries. The exam is an open book, no time limit exam, and students are welcome to ask questions at any time to help them pass the exam. But it is designed to help us decipher whether a student really studied the training and has understood it and able to apply what they learned in real world situations (hence a  portfolio submission).



    We offer two certifications: CSS (Certified Staging Specialist) and CRS (Certified Redesign Specialist). When a student completes the Exam and Evaluation process, we send a signed Certificate of Achievement and use our logos on websites or other applications. We highly suggest designations be compared for professionalism, knowledge, accountability and expertise. Without accountability, a designation is virtually worthless.


    If you're looking for superior training and to join an elite group of professionals, then we are the trainers for you.  If you're looking for a quick, meaningless designation that anyone can buy for the "right" price, then we are not for you.  Most of our students pass and go on to build successful businesses, but some have failed to study and have therefore failed to pass, as we have refused to designate them.


    We have no time constrictions and will answer any question posed to us, usually the same day. So we are here to help in any way possible and you will always get an honest answer.