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Discover the beauty that lies hidden in your home. Learn the techniques interior designers use to arrange furniture and accessories for any room in your home. Over 500 color images and 25 chapters teach you the concepts you need to know to create a functional and beautiful home using the furniture and accessories you already own. Comes only in electronic format and is not printable due to high volume of pictures.

Learning This Will Benefit You a Lifetime

Experience has shown that 98% of all home owners have made simple decorating mistakes throughout their homes and they can't figure out what's wrong! Which is why I'm sure you'll be amazed at how much better your home will look once you know:


  • How to Assess a Room so Your Arrangements Look Exceptional
  • How to Assess Your Lifestyle for Functionality As Well As Beauty
  • How to Arrange Your Room for Intimacy and Relaxation
  • Where and How to Begin Your Redecorating Arrangements
  • My Personal Tools of the Trade and How to Get Them
  • Where to Place the Major Furniture - What Is the Major Furniture?
  • 11 of the Most Common Arrangement Solutions That Will Solve Most Any Room Dilemma
  • How and Where to Rearrange the Other Furniture and Create the Designer Look You've Always Wanted
  • How to Create Intimacy That Your Family and Friends Will Enjoy
  • The Little Known Trade Secret Most Designers Don't Even Know
  • How to Arrange the Entire Room and Amaze Everyone With Your Creativity
  • How to Make a Room Sparkle and Come to Life
  • How to Create Spectacular Furniture Groupings That Show Everyone You're Really Good
  • The One Essential Ingredient You Need to Get Peace of Mind
  • The Art of Displaying Your Art and Accessories and Add Pizzazz to Any Room
  • How to Virtually Eliminate Every Architectural "Blemish" in the Room
  • The Easy and Proper Design and Placement of Art and Wall Groupings
  • How to Conquer the Two Most Misunderstood Concepts in Interior Arrangements
  • How to Balance Unity with Variety in Your Decorating
  • One Decorating Element Every Room Should Have
  • 21 Arrangement Mistakes You Should Avoid
  • 50 (or more) Before and After Pictures Using What the Owner Already Had
  • Easy Decorating and Redecorating Strategies for the Living Room, Family Room, Bedroom, Kitchen and Bath

And this isn't all. There's so much more! Think of how proud you will feel if you can take a room that just isn't working too well and turn it into a space that you can be proud to show to family and friends. Learning these concepts will make it all come together for you - they are so common sense and easy, anyone can do it!

Decor Secrets Revealed eBook

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