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Learn how to professionally rearrange any room in your home with these 101 arrangement sketches and instructions. Many rooms can be successfully arranged multiple ways if good interior design rules are applied properly. Most people do not know the rules and are unhappy with how their rooms look and feel, but they don't know what is wrong nor how to fix them. The easy to follow, simple steps outlined in Arrange Your Stuff will teach anyone how to elevate any room instantly, simply by rearranging the furniture already in the room. Access to a full color PDF link is provided so readers can see all of the images in the book in color, plus added training not included in the book. Some of the larger rooms have up to four or five options depicted using the same furniture in the room or trading out one or two pieces from other rooms. Once readers understand the basic rules of good arrangement design, they will be equipped to tackle any room at any time, making their homes better organized, more functional and much more attractive.

This manual is considered advanced training for home stagers and interior re-designers who operate their own businesses servicing their own local communities. It is especially helpful to professional consultants whenever they encounter difficult room layouts because it teaches them to think outside the box and not limit their arrangement choices to the most obvious options.

The author has over 40 years of experience in the interior design and art consulting industries and has over 50,000 students worldwide. She has authored nearly two dozen books and offers in-depth courses at her website (Decorate-Redecorate.Com) which hosts the Academy of Staging and Redesign. Her bestselling book, Home Staging for Profit, is a textbook at several colleges and universities and has been the top selling book on Amazon since 2009 for home stagers.

Arrange Your Stuff (Advanced Redesign)