LEARN HOW TO MAXIMIZE YOUR BUSINESS PROFITS TODAY - Bigger profits come from valuable add-ons in any business - so why leave profits on the table? Get more activity, more power, more utilization, more efficiency, more mastery, more profits -- more of everything -- from the basic, universal concepts and strategems used by all types of design consultants.


One of the easiest and smartest ways to garner more clients and get the lifetime profit out of a business relationship is to implement money-making multipliers, mechanisms and catalysts that offer great value and superior service to people who already trust you and have done business with you already. This is the primary goal of Advanced Redesign - to show readers how to do exactly that. It's the additional, value-added products and services offered clients that separates one's business from the competition and propels one's business to the heights of income and preeminence over all competitors. By incorporating correctly just a few of these ingenious gems, readers should enjoy improved, enhanced and enriched profits, greater variety and maximum enjoyment in their business.


Now staging and redesign expert Barbara Jennings of the Academy of Staging and Redesign (hosted at Decorate-Redecorate.Com) teaches readers the best and most efficient ways to expand a consulting business marketing a wide variety of natural backend products and services to appeal to a broader client base. Statistics prove that one's best, most lucrative business comes from current and former clients. This guide will help readers examine, evaluate, identify and observe areas they may not have thought about before. It will show how to integrate, advance and deploy these products and services.


Launching a basic home staging or interior re-design business is great, but stagers and re-designers can easily miss out on an abundance of extra profits by not offering related products and services to their clientele. By correcting these oversights, readers will have a much higher, bigger, better, more profitable yield or result from their marketing efforts. In Advanced Redesign Jennings offers you a myriad of standard and "not so standard" ideas to help expand one's business in a professional manner. A sequel to her three other top guides for the home staging and redesign industries, this large sized manual is brimming with advanced tactics and strategies.


Written in a no-nonsense, conversational style, Advanced Redesign teaches anyone who wants to earn maximum profits from their business how to add strategic products and services that will help their clients beyond arranging their furniture and accessories or sprucing up their house to be sold. This thorough, idea-driven guide is the 3rd in a series by Jennings. Author of Rearrange It (a start-up guide to the re-design business) and Home Staging for Profit (a start-up guide to the home staging business), Advanced Redesign takes the reader deeper and more creatively into strategies and tactics they should consider adding to their basic services that are creative, enjoyable and highly profitable. With these varied ideas, readers can pick and choose what best works for them based on their personal interests, background, locality, competitive edge and experience.


The author has also written Arrange Your Stuff, Decor Secrets Revealed, Do’s and Don’ts in Home Staging and Redesign, Rearrange It! and Wall Groupings!. In the home staging field, she has also written Staging Luxurious Homes, Staging Portfolio Secrets, Home Staging in Tough Times, Home Staging for Yourself and Getting Paid: Financial Strategies for Home Stagers, to name a few.

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