Colleges and Universities


One of Jennings' books has also been a textbook at the University of Atlanta and at Scottsdale Community College

Her books have or are used by the following Design Departments:

Florida State University

Indian Rivers State University

Francis Tuttle Technical School

University of Georgia

Scottsdale Community College

Weber State College

William Penn College

Chaffey College

Seton Hill College

Wayne State College

Bakersfield College

University of Kentucky

Lambuth College

Marygrove College

Canada College

Phoenix College

Oklahoma Christian College

Harrington Institute of Interior Design

to name a few.

Unsolicited Reviews

"Please accept my sincere gratitude. Your books (which I recently ordered and read) are absolutely packed with information.  I've been a practicing interior designer for the past few years and decided recently to add staging to my services; my degree is in Interior Design but many of the items you present in your books are not addressed in college programs. There were several books/classes that I considered but in all my research your name came up repeatedly as the best no-nonsense, down-to-earth, frank staging book. I have spent a substantial amount of money on classes, books and webinars over the years and what you provide is worth far more than what you charge. Many thanks!"

Ruxana Oosman, Allied Member, ASID,

Ruxana's Home Interiors




"Hi Barb,

I have most, if not all your books and am reading as much as I can as fast as I can.  You have explained your program very well and feel I must finish what I begun before venturing into other charted waters.  Your course is comprehensive and detailed yet easy to understand.  

I have the fortune of already having my bachelors degree in interior design and will use this tool while staging and redesigning.  However with that being said, I have learned that staging is another extension of interior design that was not taught while I was in school.  You are teaching me the finer details of this business that I would have otherwise had to learn on my own.

Running my own business is totally different than working for others and I LOVE it!! You have great advise on getting businesses up and running, how to market, how to make a good living and how not to be taken advantage of.  All great information for a novice business owner like me.

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to give your teaching course kudos."

Donna Warner

"I have thoroughly enjoyed my new business--PURRsonal ReDesigns.  Two ladies have kept me busy for the last year and a half.  Both of them have become very good friends during that time.  New friends and extra money.   Hard to beat a business like that, right?!   I'm so blessed to have found you and your academy!"

Lynda Litterst


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